Scientific paper ID 1815 : 2019/3

Nedko Ananiev, Veselin Grozdanov

One new way to travel is shared travel. The law does not explicitly regulate what is the shared travel. It can be defined as a contract between a car driver and another person to share the cost of fuel. In addition to all this, a shared travel could also become a way to make new friends. Shared trips have the same risks as using taxis. It occurs in the form of a telephone service or postcards in public places. Over time, everything is transmitted to the Internet, and many websites can now be found offering such services. Shared travel online platforms provide free search and posting for registered users. In its continued pursuit of providing better and more accessible services to its users, it has also been possible to search for alternative and shared transport options. Available bus and rail timetable data can be displayed as a result of the search for shared travel listings.

споделено пътуване транспорт интернет платформи социални мрежи регулации и печалбаshared travel transportation internet platforms social networks regulation and profit.Nedko Ananiev Veselin Grozdanov


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