Scientific paper ID 1795 : 2019/3

Andrey Efremov, Anna Gorokhova

In paper it is proved that in the socially important industries having pronounced outer effects, criteria of maximizing income, profit, increase in a market share of the company cannot act as the only efficiency indicators of economic entities. This results from the fact that the listed criteria consider the interests only of direct participants of economic operations. In paper motives of economic activity of institutional participants in the socially important industries are systematized. Instead of criteria: the contract price, expenses on operation and repair, participant qualification, new criterion is offered for evaluation of efficiency of this activity which basis the cost of all life cycle of the public benefit including the following stages are: design – designing – service and repair – operation - utilization. The algorithm of estimation of cost of the transaction – the long-term complex life cycle contract with the company in the sphere of safety and quality of highways is developed. Content of economic effect of complex life cycle contracts in the sphere of road and transport infrastructure is determined

Ключевые слова: социально значимые услуги государственно-частное партнерство эффективность критерии эффективности долгосрочный контракт жизненного циклаsocially important services public-private partnership efficiency efficiency criteria long-terAndrey Efremov Anna Gorokhova


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