Scientific paper ID 1776 : 2019/3

Lyudmila Prigoda

The stability of socio-economic development and market adaptability of the country largely depend on the state of the transport and logistics complex and its service transport and logistics infrastructure. In this regard, the role of investment in infrastructure projects is significantly increasing. Taking into account country peculiarities and modern trends in the development of the Russian economy s the use of new approaches to the development and implementation of investment projects in the field of transport and logistics infrastructure.

Global trends of deepening interterrial interaction give rise to the need to create interregional economic spaces, both between the regions of Russia and at the international level, the objectives of which will be to ensure the coordination of the strategy and policy of socio-economic development of the participating territories, the synchronization of relevant programs of transformation, the development of horizontal communication links as the basis of interaction in the field of transport, energy, trade, industrial and agro-industrial complexes, tourism.

In this context, first of all, the need to form a unified transport and logistics infrastructure of the Russian regions is obvious: the construction of infrastructure in transport, the creation of new transport communications, the transition to modern transport and loading and terminal and storage technologies, the creation of new transport corridors. Credit institutions, which are active participants of investment processes, traditionally play an important role in the development of transport infrastructure.

инвестиция транспорт транспортно-логистична инфраструктура на кредитната институция индекс на логистично развитие.investment transport transport-logistic infrastructure of the credit institution the Index of logistics development.Lyudmila Prigoda


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