Scientific paper ID 1767 : 2019/4

Yordan Dermendzhiyski, Slavcho Bozhkov

The dynamometric automotive measurement is rendering the effective automotive parameters such as: static power measurement at constant rpm, static power measurement at constant speed, static power measurement at constant tractive force, dynamic power measurement with adjustable acceleration, towing power measurement etc. The dynamometric automotive measurements and tests have high level of flexibility in use due to extensive variety of operating modes, covering all fields of application. Moreover there are essential possibilities of precision calculation of the parasitic losses of the dynamometer, of the vehicle’s drive train and the tire to roller friction and flex losses. These tachometer testing with up to ten freely selectable test points. The distance measurement is d stopwatch function for measurement of acceleration between optional speed markers as standard. The additional option may be optional load simulation with freely programmable load profile, optional driving simulation with freely programmable speed profile, option of storing programmed profiles in database In this report is presented the practical measurement of the effective performance of rear-wheel drive. All this guarantees the highest degree of accuracy of the dynamometric tests. This paper considers experimental results obtained during automotive tests with automotive dynamometer of the German company “MAHA”.

динамометър ефективни данни въртящ момент задно задвижване превозно средствоKey worlds: dynamometer effective data power torque rear-wheel drive vehicleYordan Dermendzhiyski Slavcho Bozhkov


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