Scientific paper ID 1754 : 2019/2

Todor Yonov, Vasil Dinev

This article presents the results of a computerized tracing program using a personal computer in order to obtain the transport current, speed and time characteristics depending on the road. When eliminating the road, the characteristics of the traction motor current, trailer current and the energy consumption of a given stretch depend on the travel time. With the help of the traction calculations, a number of tasks are solved, both with the initial design of sections in electric transport and with their further operation. In the latter, it is necessary to check whether it is possible to increase the bandwidth of the sections and increase the average speed. In the learning process for which it is primarily intended, the program will serve to illustrate the results of the calculations as well as to set different variations of the output data - mainly road inclines to track the average speed, overheating of traction and consumption of energy to pass the section. Within the programming, the methods for solving the motion equation by polynomial approximation according to the Euler and Runghe-Kuta methods are considered. The characteristics are resilient: motion resistance, traction, braking and free movement, grip limits and maximum speed. It should be noted that without claiming high accuracy of the results and although the main purpose is to be used in the learning process, the program gives to a great extent a real view of the changes of the obtained output quantities when changing the output data.

тягови изчисления криви на движение уравнение на движениеtraction calculations motion curves motion equationTodor Yonov Vasil Dinev


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