Scientific paper ID 1751 : 2019/1

Iliyan Damyanov

The subject of the present research is the automobile transit traffic, passing through residential area Musagenitsa in city Sofia, Bulgaria. The investigation is done via integrated system of mobile cameras. The main aim is the gathered and analysed information to be used for the improvement of traffic organization and safety, as well as for reducing the harmful impact and improving the ecological indicators in the residential area that is an object of the conducted research. A system for measuring and analyzing traffic is developed, which allows a detailed analysis of the traffic at the city crossroads, optimize traffic and intelligent traffic management lights. The system will also be useful for recognizing the car, monitoring and security.

интелигентна транспортна система интелигентни светофари транзитен трафик организация на движението и безопасност LPR камери система за измерване и анализ на трафикаintelligent transportation system intelligent traffic lights transit traffic traffIliyan Damyanov


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