Scientific paper ID 1747 : 2019/1

Ivaylo Ganev, Iskra Simova, Tsvetelina Petrova

Present work deals with analysis of the possibilities for utilization of biodegradable waste at the region of Rousse. The advantages of the utilization of the biodegradable waste are discussed from ecological point of view and in terms of the energy perspectives. Quantitative data from different biodegradable waste generated by the municipalities of interest is analyzed. The quantities of the biodegradable waste to be processed in a biogas installation are calculated. The technological scheme of the biogas installation is presented. Mass balance estimation of the biogas quantities that will be generated by the installation is performed. The biogas parameters are studied and possible utilization technologies are suggested.

биогаз анаеробна инсталация отпадъчна енергия биоразградими отпадъци третиране на отпадъциbiogas anaerobic installation waste energy biodegradable waste waste treatmentIvaylo Ganev Iskra Simova Tsvetelina Petrova


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