Scientific paper ID 1735 : 2018/3

Emil Iontchev, Rosen Miletiev

Nowadays, an internet network in addition to the web is also used by many intelligent devices to gather information about the environment, exchange it, control and manage systems that make life easier for people. They (smart devices) become an internet interface of the real world. The number of these devices is increasing steadily. This is due to three factors: easy internet access, low cost microcontrollers with sufficient computing power and Internet connectivity, and the third factor is cloud computing. The article presents a methodology for implementing a remote object control system within a local WiFi network. Texas Instruments`s Simplelink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad is used as a platform that offers a microcontroller, as well as sensors and elements that can be used as actuators. Described is how to program different pins of a microcontroller as a digital/analog input or output and connect the different devices to them. The microcontroller is programmed as a web server. As a result, web clients can sent commands to the object, and the object can publish data on the web server.

микроконтролер интернет на нещата интегрирана среда за развитие сензори.microcontroller internet of things integrated development environment sensors.Emil Iontchev Rosen Miletiev






[5] Yonchev Emil, Rosen Miletiev, Programirane na Simplelink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad ot internet platforma, Mehanika, transport, komunikatsii, tom 15, broy 3, 2017 g., str. XI-1 - XI-6, ISSN 1312-3823
( [5] Йончев Емил, Росен Милетиев, Програмиране на Simplelink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad от интернет платформа, Механика, транспорт, комуникации, том 15, брой 3, 2017 г., стр. XI-1 - XI-6, ISSN 1312-3823 )

[6]CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi and IoT Solution, a Single Chip Wireless MCU, Programmer`s Guide, Literature Number: SWRU369C, June 2014–Revised March 2016








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