Scientific paper ID 1733 : 2018/3

Svetlin Stefanov, Emiliya Dimitrova

In the paper, basic technologies to identify and determine the location of an object in real-time mode in a particular area are analysed. These technologies can be divided into three main groups:

RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification - RFID. These are systems for an automatic identification of objects in which data stored in the so-called transponders or RFID labels is read or recorded by means of a radio signal,

RTLS - Real-time Locating Systems - real-time positioning systems. This is an automated system providing identification, determining coordinations, map display of the locations of the monitored objects in a given territory. RTLS collects, processes and stores location and transport information for the purpose of monitoring and signaling for diversion from a route, as well as for analyzing some situations. RTLS is a second-generation RFID technology,

IPS - Indoor Positioning System - internal positioning system. These real-time local positioning systems are based on mobile devices (smartphones). The use of these systems is necessary because more and more customers are using mobile phones to navigate and receive real-time location services.

These three technologies are embedded in the contemporary positioning tools and contribute to the qualitative determination of the position of the vehicles.

Система за позициониране RFID RTLS IPS транспортни системиPositioning System RFID RTLS IPS Transport SystemsSvetlin Stefanov Emiliya Dimitrova


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