Scientific paper ID 1732 : 2018/3

Ivaylo Topalov, Adi Koruni

The UIC band is currently used at its full capacity (19 frequencies), and in some specific cases there is a lack of capacity under very dense ETCS level 2 traffic conditions. To deal with this situation, ETSI is already considering some features to increase spectrum performance, for example, ETCS over GPRS to ease capacity constraints. Current EU and national regulations allow the use of GSM-R technology in the UIC bar. Therefore, to allow the use of 4G or 5G technology, this bandwidth should be technologically neutral.

This report addresses some aspects of migration from GSM-R to LTE-R technology, such as advantages, problems, etc. A study of the achievements of various leading companies on the question of whether interoperability of GSM-R and LTE-R is possible, the possible capacity, the reliability of the technology and the future development. Consideration is given to interoperability issues requiring terminal equipment to support all the frequency bands available for railways in the EU.

As a result, conclusions have been reached on the migration strategy from GSM-R to LTE-R with several options for acceptable technological and economic transition based on the ments for future rail applications.

GSM-R LTE-R ETCSGSM-R LTE-R ETCSIvaylo Topalov Adi Koruni


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