Scientific paper ID 1726 : 2018/3

Petko Kostadinov, Vasil Dimitrov

Contemporary electrical drives are designed with converters with microprocessor control and protection systems, focusing on their energy efficiency, but this s a good knowledge of the electrical drives structure and characteristics. The development of drives puts higher ments on research and the quality of education. In this paper a laboratory stand has been designed to study the main features of DC brush and brushless electric motors. The reasons for choosing the appropriate structural scheme of the stand, the methods of selection of the basic elements, as well as the measured input and output quantities are considered. A way to measure the torque generated by the electric motor is ensured. Motor load is provided by alternating current synchronous generator. A microprocessor control is provided for realizing a pulse-width regulation of the voltage supplied to the motor as well as for visualization of the set speed, the real speed, the frequency and duty cycle of the PWM. An opportunity of testing the performance of a DC motor with a pulse regulator at different values of the PWM frequency and duty cycle, as well as the synchronous generator load characteristics, the efficiency of the rectifiers and regulators in different ways and the degree of reducing the pulsations of the DC voltage after the rectifier has been created.

електрозадвижване електродвигатели енергийна ефективност широчинно-импулсна модулация (ШИМ)electrical drive electric motor energy efficiency pulse-width modulation (PWM)Petko Kostadinov Vasil Dimitrov


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