Scientific paper ID 1723 : 2018/3

Lyubomir Dimitrov, Svilen Rachev, Stefan Filchev

The subject of the research is a compact electric vehicle with a three-wheel drive construction – the front wheels are steerable, while the rear one drive, such as mounting a drive motor directly inside the rear wheel reduces friction losses of energy and saves space. The drive motor is a brushless DC motor (BLDC motor) – stator winding power is synchronized with the position of the rotor using Hall sensors, i.e. the commutation is implemented and controlled by electronics. The implementation of an electric vehicle with such motor is because of its known advantages: good energy indicators, because no excitation energy is consumed, simple, compact and lightweight construction, relatively easy control, possibility of energy recuperation, small moment of inertia of the rotor. The power supply source is made using lead-acid rechargeable batteries made by a technology where the positive and negative plates are separated by a thin graticule mesh of glass microfibres soaked with electrolyte liquid with carbon. This type of batteries has been chosen in view of their easy market purchase and affordability. By means of digital measuring equipment and related software measurements have been carried out on electrical vehicle movement, as a result of which electro-mechanical and electro-traction characteristics have been obtained in tabular and graphical form.

електромобил безколекторен двигател за постоянен ток електромеханична характеристика тяговa характеристика.Кey words: еlectric vehicle BLDC motor electro-mechanical characteristics traction characteristics.Lyubomir Dimitrov Svilen Rachev Stefan Filchev


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