Scientific paper ID 1717 : 2018/3

Georgi Pavlov, Nikola Stamboliev

The power supply and the energy supply of the railway transport are implemented by single-phase alternating current system 25kV, 50Hz. Reliable and uninterrupted operation of this system ensures increased throughput and transport capacity and reduces transport costs. For the stable operation of the contact system, special organizational and technical measures have been developed, but one of the worst modes of operation is related to the weather conditions.

The winter period significantly complicates the operation of the contact system. The conditions (low temperatures and wind influences) favor the icing of the wires - the formation of an ice coat. The ice on the contact wire degrades the pantograph, creates conditions for heating and draining the contact wires, and in some cases burning and tearing. This results in a disturbance in the traffic timetable and the cross-sectional capacity of the railway infrastructure segment.

The report examines the problem of ice formation and options to combat it as well as an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages.

Referring to the above, the report identifies the most effective and safe option to solve this problem in order to increase the efficiency of the work of the affected area, thus determining the further work of the dissertation.

контактна мрежа обледяване влаково движениеoverhead contact line ice train movementGeorgi Pavlov Nikola Stamboliev


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