Scientific paper ID 1713 : 2018/3

Ilko Tarpov

Different kinds of primary energy bearers are used in the production of electro energy, which leave different marks on the ecosystem of the country. This mixture is consumed also by non-autonomous electrical vehicles, some of which have regenerative brakes. This is the reason why it is necessary to analyze the ecological aspect of the regenerative stopping as stopping, which realizes economy of energy and therefore economy of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. In the report the influence of the regenerative stopping on the ecology is examined and some arguments are presented, which show why this kind of energy should be seen as renewable. Moreover, the effect of the transport field on the climate is discussed, as well as the participation of the regeneration in the circular economy. A classification of the regenerative energy as a renewable energy has been derived. Finally, methods of how to read the ecology impact of the electrical vehicles when buying a new traction rolling stock have been recommended.

екология екологичен отпечатък рекуперативно спиране железопътен транспорт енергийна ефективностecology ecology print regenerative suspension railway transport energy efficiency.Ilko Tarpov


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