Scientific paper ID 1710 : 2018/3

Galina Cherneva, Petar Ivanov

Electronic circuits with key elements are used most often as switching converters constant voltage (DC/DC converters) and are part of different power supplies. They convert a constant voltage to a different constant voltage. They contain conservative elements, active resistors and power switches realized by modern semiconductor elements (MOS or IGBT transistors, GTO thyristors, etc.). Using transistor switches, capacities and inductances, they accomplish different supply voltages with minimal losses. The action of the key is commanded by a control system using different management methods.

The design of the key element schemes must take account of certain features arising from their specific operating principle. It is necessary to take into account their variable structure due to the switching mode of operation.

In the present work the approaches for modeling of key element schemes are discussed. They are used to model up-down converter (Buck converter). An analytical model of a DC voltage drop converter has been developed, describing the transient processes occurring in the two conditional operating phases of the transducer. The processes are simulated using Orcad PSpice program. Conclusions were made on the adequacy of the models according to the results obtained. All the results are used to illustrate the effectiveness and the applicability of the models in DC/DC converters examination.

преобразуватели на постоянно напрежение пространство на състоянията метод на усреднени величини Бък преобразувател.DC/DC converters State-Space Models Averaging method Buck converter.Galina Cherneva Petar Ivanov


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