Scientific paper ID 1702 : 2018/2

Ruwaida Hadi Algdajri

French, as the language français is referred, is a member of the group Romance, of the family of Indo-European languages. It has also, like most other Romance languages, been derived from Vulgar Latin, of the Roman invaders. Though France was originally occupied by the Gauls, a tribe of Celtic inhabitants, their language did not contribute much to the development of French. In fact, it was the language of the Germanic tribes that had a major effect on the language, and its vocabulary. French was made the official language by King Francais I, in 1539. It gained prominence among the diplomats as well as culture through the West, from the 17th century onwards. European colonization saw French spread to almost the entire world civilization, covering America, Africa, and Asian regions. It had further impact on civilizations worldwide, following the spread of British invasions, as the English language itself has most words derived from French. This paper analyzes the effect of French language on the development of civilized life in different regions of the world, and conclusively outlines the impact made by the French language on the rise and spread of civilization throughout the World.

френски език Европейска колонизация Световна цивилизация.French Language European Colonization World CivilizationRuwaida Hadi Algdajri




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