Scientific paper ID 1699 : 2018/2

Mira Zafirova

The construction of small dams began in 1945-1950. Their construction set the main goal of taking up part of the volume of the high wave, keeping it and dropping it in the substation area later on after passing the high water.

The intensive construction of small dams continues until 1989, until the political and economic changes in the public life of Bulgaria.

At present, the number of small dams in Bulgaria is over 3500 dams. Unfortunately, the general opinion is about their poor condition.

Today, small dams are seen as an important component of the country`s infrastructure. These are facilities that provide water for irrigation, protect against floods, recharge and smoothly conduct river waters. They are the basis of renewable energy sources covered by the Kyoto Protocol.

In recent years, a number of small earth dams have proved to be in a state of malfunction. The capacity of their relief facilities was exceeded, and due to a significant fall in the embankment they overflowed not only through the overflow, which is normal, but also through the crown, which is unacceptable. The result is the usual phenomenon - damage to the construction of the wall by the dissipation of the embankment, landslides airborne rains, damage to facilities in the lower stretch and a number of others damage.

The purpose of this report is to present the specific features of the restoration and operation of small dams.

For a more accurate presentation and solving of the operational tasks in the small dams it is appropriate to develop a computer program with several basic modules:

- Database

- Calculations

- References:

кадастър земно-насипни язовири управление на водните ресурсиcadastre land-dams water resources managementMira Zafirova


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