Scientific paper ID 1691 : 2018/3

Mira Zafirova

The main strategic goal of the OPTI 2014-2020 in the railway sector is to develop high-quality rail infrastructure and to create a competitive and attractive rail market in relation to other modes of transport in Bulgaria. The program is adapted both to local specific conditions and to previous national and international documents in the field.

In the 1990s, there was a downward trend in freight and a loss of market share on the part of the railways at the expense of strong competition from road transport.

Transport and communications generate 11.7% of the country`s gross added value and provide direct employment to over 138,000 people.

Changing the negative development and strengthening of the railway sector in Bulgaria s effective and purposeful behavior in the field of marketing and market policy at the national level. Positive sides in this direction are the favorable geographic location of the country, the political stabilization of the Balkan peninsula, the building of significant infrastructure sites in the region and the European Union`s assistance.

The purpose of this report is to present the specific features of investment policy in railway infrastructure.

железопътната инфраструктура мениджмънт маркетингrailway infrastructure marketing menagementMira Zafirova


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