Scientific paper ID 1690 : 2018/3

Hristo G. Stamenov

In recent years dispersive fibre reinforcement concrete has been increasingly used in countries where concrete pavements are built. It is recommended to use steel fibre reinforced concrete mixtures in road pavements on sections of road with long ascents and descents, curves with small radii, frequent stopping, starting and accelerating in urban areas, stops for public transport, junctions, including roundabouts, areas of different uses and in all cases of increased operational ments for roads and streets. The use of different types of dispersive reinforcement, either independently or in combination, improves the physical-and-mechanical properties of concrete mixtures and the performance of concrete road structures.

The paper presents basic ments for the most commonly used types of fibre in concrete road structures and some constructive effects of their application. Considering the fact that joints and particularly the expansion joints are the weakest elements of concrete road structures that create great discomfort with travelling, the effects of using dispersive reinforcement as a possibility of increasing the space between joints (reducing their number) have been examined.

дисперсна армировка бетонна пътна конструкцияfibre reinforcement concrete pavementHristo G. Stamenov


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