Scientific paper ID 1685 : 2018/3

Nikolina Porojanova, Snejana Vulkova, Mira Zafirova

Bridge constructions are an important component in the construction of transport infrastructure. For their strength and durability, the waterproofing is essential. In the bridges the ments for waterproofing are complicated. It should both protect the bridge structure, the pillars, the pillars of the bridge from the groundwaters and the atmospheric waters, and preserve the performance of the road slab of the bridge.

The paper examines the essential ments for the characteristics related to the suitability for use of waterproofing sheets used in concrete bridges and other concrete surfaces on which vehicles pass. Emphasis is placed on the need to test and control the characteristics determining the durability of bridge structures.

In Bulgaria, up to 10 years ago, there were no national standards and ments for designing and implementing bridge waterproofing, and the solution to this problem was left entirely to the contractors.

In 2014, a national annex to BDS EN 14695 was made, which defined the ments for the basic characteristics that waterproofing applied in our country for bridge constructions should be.

– мостови конструкции хидроизолации характеристикиwaterproofing bridges performancesNikolina Porojanova Snejana Vulkova Mira Zafirova


[1] БДС EN 14695

[2] БДС EN 14224

[3] БДС EN 14691

[4] БДС EN 13653

[3] БДС EN 14692




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