Scientific paper ID 1677 : 2018/3

Slavcho Bozhkov, Penko Cvetkov, Georgi Tonkov

For the last few years the hybrid automobiles have more and more success at the world market. The problem with climate warming leads to designing of ecological alternatives for the present customers. It is often a case that the municipality authorities and employers are promoting the use of hybrid automobiles. One good example for this is tax-free city parking permission. The fact is that these vehicles are saving the customers fuel expenses and in the same time contribute to the efforts of achieving the cleaner environment. The term hybrid vehicles in general usage refer to vehicles with two or three different type of sources delivering power to the wheels for propulsion. The most common hybrid vehicles have an IC engine and one or more electric machines for vehicle propulsion. The IC engine can be used to generate electric energy “on board” to power the electric machines. An energy storage device buffers the electrical energy flow between the electric machine operated as a generator and the electric machine operated as a motor. An electric machine can be operated both as a motor and as a generator. In hybrid vehicles, the traction electric motors can operate independently or in association with the IC engine to power the wheels depending on the type of vehicle architecture. This paper considers the main features of the hybrid automobiles and their application in the city traffic conditions.

автомобили хибриди приложениеautomotives hybrids applicationSlavcho Bozhkov Penko Cvetkov Georgi Tonkov







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