Scientific paper ID 1676 : 2018/3

Slavcho Bozhkov, Boris Kirilov, Teodor Valev, Evelina Pircheva, Penko Bozhkov

The modern automotives are subject of more stringent ments corresponding to power, torque, fuel economy and ecology legislations. The main factor in this area is the automotive engine fuel system, which is controlled by the electronic control unit (ECU). The electronic control of the Spark Ignition Engines (SI engines), as well as the Direct Ignition Engines (DI engines) is based on the certain sensors signals, program maps and management algorithms. The final result in this electronic control is the management of the fuel injectors. The management of the fuel injectors consists in the start of injection, injection duration, number of injection events, injection advance, injection pressure etc. The learning of these devices and their management is the ground for achievement of quality results in the education of the automotive engineers, as well as for obtaining of scientific researching for developments and innovations. The students researching interest is exciting and supporting by open platforms and free conception for their expression and implementations. Significant meaning in this concept has the real, live and practical performance with the help of testing equipment and test-benches. This paper renders the possibilities of the test bench SAV-1 for automated management of the automotive gasoline fuel injectors with support of controller Matrix MIAC MI0245 and Flowcode 7 software.

автомобили горивни дюзи стенд управлениеautomotives fuel injectors test bench managementSlavcho Bozhkov Boris Kirilov Teodor Valev Evelina Pircheva Penko Bozhkov


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