Scientific paper ID 1656 : 2018/2

Vesselin Daskalov

Imitation modeling is a powerful tool for studying, researching, and predicting and optimizing the behavior of complex systems, with the models being able to reproduce the whole or only parts of the original systems.

Computer models are algorithms that mathematical and logical dependencies, interaction rules, and constraints to determine how they will function and how future systems or objects will respond to different combinations of the factors on which they depend.

The imitation model developed here is designed to test algorithms for addressing cargoes in a logistics warehouse. The warehouse model is represented by column theory, and the goods flows are presented as lists for cargo arrival and cargo request.

The adequacy of the model has been proven by processing query lists with different load patterns and different patterns in the warehouse structure with each of the presented load-handling algorithms.

This imitation model of a logistic warehouse can be used to study and examine the processes involved, to select the warehouse structure and the right strategy for addressing the cargo, and to identify the impact of the structure of the requests on the loading of the warehouse, etc.

склад имитационен модел адресиране на товариwarehouse imitation model cargo addressingVesselin Daskalov


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