Scientific paper ID 1652 : 2018/3

Msc. Petya Georgieva

The paper aims at presenting the specific features of the intelligent transport systems in automated parking garages, the impacts of the deployment of intelligent transport systems on sustainable development of transport and transport infrastructure as well as the economic effects expected from the wide deployment of these systems. Intelligent transport systems can manage traffic in urban areas, as well as parking there, to ensure the automation of the motor vehicle control and to direct them with information boards to the parking spaces. Intelligent transport systems and their use in automated parking garages are important for increasing safety and limiting increasing emissions and congestion problems. They create prerequisites for safer and more efficient parking processes by applying different information and communication technologies to APGs. Furthermore, the integration of existing technologies contributes to the creation and supply of new types of services. Measurements of intensity can be performed in time intervals of different duration.

моделиране подемно-транспортни процеси мобилност интензивност автоматизирани паркинг-гаражи.modeling lifting transport mobility intensity automated parking garages.Msc. Petya Georgieva


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