Scientific paper ID 1648 : 2018/3

Petya Hristova

The artificial intellect is not a science fiction, it has become a part оf our dailyliving. It takes a huge part оf it – from the usage оf virtual personal assistant in managing our daily activities, and the mobiles, suggesting songs which we may like, till the choice оf routes for travelling which we use within the navigation systems. It makes our life easier, the artificial intellect under the form оf the intelligent systems supports the global problems’ solving such as foreseeing threads in the area оf cybersecurity. The artificial intellect is one оf the most strategic technology if 21st century and its implementation within the land transport оf dangerous goods might be extreamly important. Its possibilities in the transport and the logistic defines the most suitable way оf it’s implementation to be able to transform the transport sector.

изкуствен интелект интелигентни системи решаване проблеми важност опасни товариartificial intellect intelligent systems solve problems importance dangerous goodsPetya Hristova


[1] DIREKTIVA 2010/40/ES NA EVROPEYSKIYa PARLAMENT I NA SAVETA ot 7 yuli 2010 godina otnosno ramkata za vnedryavane na inteligentnite transportni sistemi v oblastta na avtomobilniya transport i za interfeysi s ostanalite vidove transport, ES, 2010.
( [1] ДИРЕКТИВА 2010/40/ЕС НА ЕВРОПЕЙСКИЯ ПАРЛАМЕНТ И НА СЪВЕТА от 7 юли 2010 година относно рамката за внедряване на интелигентните транспортни системи в областта на автомобилния транспорт и за интерфейси с останалите видове транспорт, ЕС, 2010. )

[2] Rosenbach E., Cybersecurity: Managing risk in the information age, Harvard Kennedy School, USA, 2017


[4] Internet iztochnitsi
( [4] Интернет източници )




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