Scientific paper ID 1645 : 2018/3

Borislav Arnaudov

Safety in rail transport is the first and most important condition for the transport process. Rail transport is the safest mode of transport in terms of transport safety, it has minimal negative impact on the environment due to the use of electric traction. While the train is running, the risks of accidents are minimized due to the presence of security installations at railway stations, section between stations and locomotives. Unlike all other modes of transport, the railways are the least affected by poor weather conditions - rain, snow, fog.

Keeping in mind that features of its operation, fatal incidents are rare, but on the other hand, the number of victims is usually much larger compared, for example, to the car. That is why it is especially important to have a high degree of coordination between every employee involved in the processes - from the locomotive driver to the traffic manager, switch-men, the dispatchers, and so on.

сигурност безопасност устойчив транспорт железопътна инфраструктура екология жп прелези.security safety sustainable transport railway infrastructure ecology railway crossings.Borislav Arnaudov


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