Scientific paper ID 1641 : 2018/3

Drago Michalev, Rayna Alashka

The basic terms, formulas and steps of variance analysis are given. Variance analysis is method for research of different dependencies. Scheffe’s method is presented. In the Scheffe’s method, contrasts are created, which are a linear combination of the average with coefficients whose sum is zero. The method is better than method of variance analysis. With it we can to do congruence of every two groups and to do congruence of combination of some groups. In both methods F-distribution (Fisher’s distribution) is applied. Scheffe’s method for score of students depending of education’s form is applied. A comparative study has been conducted on the effectiveness of four different forms of training. The statistical data are obtained from score of seventy nine students in Higher Transport School ”Todor Kableshkov”. The group, which give the best results is shown. Some examples for possible applications of the method in transports and education are given. For example, let`s look at a bus company on one route and we estimate the number of passengers by day of the week, or we observe the length and number of passengers per course on the same line according to the time zone of the day and others.

образование транспорт статистика метод на Шефе дисперсионен анализ приложна математика.Education transport statistic Scheffe’s method dispersion analysis applied mathematicDrago Michalev Rayna Alashka


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