Scientific paper ID 1640 : 2018/3

Rayna Alashka, Drago Michalev

The ”school-university” transition is a period of different changes and many difficulties for most freshmen in higher schools. In most students, there is a great gap between real knowledge and self-esteem. They do not realize the nature and depth of their omissions and scant knowledge of mathematics. There is a lack of knowledge needed to build new knowledge. They are not aware of why they should study higher mathematics. They do not have habits for self-training - they do not know how to study. There is confusion and uncertainty in the new environment, coupled with poor estimates of the first sessions. University lecturers are unanimous that in recent years there has been a serious decline in mathematics knowledge of admitted students.

The article describes some of the problems in mathematics education of students from the Higher Transport School ”Todor Kableshkov”. Such are the problems faced by teachers in mathematics and in other universities. Are given ways to overcome some of these problems, for example by setting tasks for homework. Homework is structured by learning-cognitive tasks with increasing difficulty. The main types of tasks are: pattern reproduction, rules, system rules, constructive, there is a smooth upgrade in the order of tasks.

образование педагогика на обучението статистика.Education Pedagogy of Teaching StatisticsRayna Alashka Drago Michalev


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