Scientific paper ID 1635 : 2018/3

Magdalena Petrova-Kirova

Financial information has always been a crucial component of an enterprise’s accountability. Further, the economic situation is subjected to dynamic alterations mainly due to the globalization which s enterprises to respond to the stakeholders’ information necessities. The global economics’ development and deriving positive and negative effects on the society are not entirely covered by the conventional accounting and the financial reporting system. Currently, non-financial information acquires more and more significance which is conducive to the companies’ accountability building up the creation of information that reflects the financial indicators by dint of the composition of integrated reports.

Integrated reporting is prepared to meet the challenges and cope with the majority of the problem areas that are in an insufficient and complete degree solved by the traditional financial accountability. The main advantages with regard to the integrated reporting, are a consequence of the enterprises’ possibility to communicate and apply a sustainable strategy that creates value for both the shareholders in the long term and for the rest of the stakeholders while at the same time it contributes to one sustainable community.

The lack of a statutory obligation with regard to the preparation of an integrated report by the Bulgarian enterprises, causes a necessity for researching and proving the existence of a positive connection between the non-financial information’s disclosure concerning a given reporting period and the corresponding financial performance of the enterprises in the next one in the short or long term.

финансова информация нефинансова информация интегрирано отчитанеfinancial information non-financial information integrated reportingMagdalena Petrova-Kirova


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