Scientific paper ID 1626 : 2018/3

Vasko Ananiev Vassilev

The purpose of the report is to present the most important key performance indicators that can be used in the human capital management process in the transport sector. A combination of indicators is chosen to adequately represent the situation and, at the same time, to allow the employer to identify the reasons for the potential discrepancy. The most important assumptions are that representative indicators are used and the correct set of human resources data is analyzed. The structure of the overall analysis has been configured to cover the most important indicators incl. motivation indicators for the employed, recruitment and selection indicators, basic ratios of remuneration, performance efficiency, development of human capital.

The report proposes a KPI (Key Performance Indicators) system to functionally monitor the effectiveness of the human capital management process. A KPI (Key Performance Indicators) system is proposed to functionally monitor the effectiveness of the human capital management process. The KPI system s 15 with:

- Way of measurement?

- Method of data collection,

- Calculation formula,

- Frequency of the calculation,

Also presented are the main directions for conceptual development and implementation of the system in a working railway enterprise.

The work done makes it possible to draw the following more important conclusions: setting goals and assessing the effectiveness of the management and functioning of human capital is a very complex process, modern management s appropriate staff, a high level of information technology, and the full commitment and readiness of senior managers to participate fully in the process and ensure quality performance through personal commitment and authority.

човешки капитал индикатори за успех ефективност мотивация развититеhuman capital performance indicators efficiency motivation developmentVasko Ananiev Vassilev


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