Scientific paper ID 1623 : 2018/3

Svetla Tzvetkova

Risks in transport result from the real processes and the dynamic in the development of modern economy. The professional management of enterprises is crucial to their successful functioning on the dynamic transport market. Risk management is part of the overall enterprise management and it involves preventing and minimizing the unfavorable consequences of random occurrences during the transport process. Therefore, the successful management of the enterprise’s activity overall depends also on effective risk management, which itself involves their precise identification and accurate assessment of potentially existing probabilities for their occurrence.

As part of management, the activity aimed at overcoming the risks in transport utilizes traditional for management methods and means, it should be known, however, that risk management in transport has its peculiarities and specifics, primarily in terms of identifying and analyzing the potential probabilities for the occurrence of risky situations in the process of carrying out transport activities.

The peculiarities of risk management in transport and its success depend entirely on the correct identification and analysis of the types of potential risks involving the specific peculiarities of the production activity in transport. They hold a defining place and are among the main stages in the process of risk management in transport enterprises.

ефективно управление на риска неопределеност и риск в транспорта особености в управлението на риска в транспорта идентификация и оценка на риска в транспорта effective risk management uncertainty and risks in transport peculiarities of risk managemSvetla Tzvetkova


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