Scientific paper ID 1621 : 2018/3

Vlada Živanović, Mohamed Omar Elsayah, Nada Zivanović, Layth Nesseef

Modern access to high quality in industrial production in the field of technology, organization, management and ecology as key factors for the development of transport, determine the implementation of the necessary conditions for the development of modern business.

The quality system implies a strategy that management should organize and implement in order to meet the strict ments of consumers - buyers in the modern market.

The goal is to integrate all the analyzes, tests, opportunities and results into one homogeneous whole and to define management as a modern option of quality transport.

Bearing in mind the fact that traditional technology has become insufficiently high in time, it can respond to contemporary challenges.

Management was strategically and professionally insufficiently prepared to accept changes from the environment, i.e. from the market. Imperative is today, good organization from an economic, quality and ecological aspect.

The goal is to meet the quality standards of products and services in terms of customers and society as a whole.

The successful business management strategy today s relevant analysis, strategy of business forms and content, viewed through the prism of the development of quality systems in continuity.

Results measured in the environment of organization of management, company`s capabilities, forces, threats and chances in business in ecological awareness, etc. will contribute to a realistic assessment of the state of affairs and development of the industrial, social and economic future.

The purpose of the work is to point out the effects of key factors in transport management, its quality technology, organization and strategy focused on business excellence - TQM.

ефективно управление организация стратегия екология стандарти система за качеството и транспорт.Efficient management organization strategy ecology standards quality system and transport.Vlada Živanović Mohamed Omar Elsayah Nada Zivanović Layth Nesseef





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