Scientific paper ID 1610 : 2018/3

Iliya Gatovski

The paper will address the main factors that influence the quality of public transport, with a focus on the impact of new rolling stock on passenger transport services. Indicators for quality have been researched and a connection has been made between them and their impact on transport services. The age structure of the rolling stock servicing Sofia’s public transport has been analyzed.

Improving the quality of public transport is crucial to ensuring fast, safety and clean transport for citizens and businesses in major cities. The transport sector needs innovative solutions more than ever, as the cost of passenger transport will increase in terms of value and time. There is a risk of a steady increase in the price of the transport service due to higher costs of energy resources and higher maintenance costs for the infrastructure.

The main prerequisite for increasing the competitiveness of transport firms is improving the quality of transport services. The improvement of transport firms’ competitiveness comes down to achieving a maximum effect from improving the quality of transport services with minimal expenses. The quality of transport services is characterized by quality indicators such as: travel time, regularity, rhythm, comfort and security, whose value will be improved through renewing and modernizing the rolling stock.

обществен градски транспорт качество на транспортната услуга подвижен състав.public urban transport quality of transport service rolling stock.Iliya Gatovski


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