Scientific paper ID 1605 : 2018/3

Georgi Pavlov, Nikola Stamboliev

The power supply of the railway transport in the Republic of Bulgaria is realized by a single-phase alternating current system of 25kV, 50Hz. The qualities of this power system allow for an increase in the throughput and transport capacity of the rail network and reduce transport costs. For the stable operation of the contact network, special organizational and technical events have been developed, but the weather conditions remain one of the main problems.

The operation of the contact network in winter conditions is significantly complicated. Low temperatures and wind influences favor the formation of ice on the wires. The ice on the contact wire degrades the pantograph, creates conditions for the occurrence of a spark and an electric arc between the pantograph and the contact wire. In these cases, the contact wire is heated and burned, and in some cases burning and breaking. This results in a violation of the train timetable and the crossing capacity of the railway infrastructure section.

The report presents the main results of analysis for a specific period of time of problematic modes of operation of the traction contact network related to the frosting of the current-carrying elements of the contact system and in particular the contact wire. The energy and economic efficiency of the system has been studied. Specific conclusions and recommendations have been formulated, as well as technical suggestions for solving these problems and increasing the efficiency of the affected section of the contact network.

контактна мрежа обледяване влаково движениеoverhead contact line ice train movementGeorgi Pavlov Nikola Stamboliev


[1] - (Elektricheskie Seti) Rabota ustroystv kontaktnoy seti v usloviyah ekspluatatsii-Elektrosnabzhenie elektrifitsirovannyh zheleznyh dorog
( [1] - (Электрические Сети) Работа устройств контактной сети в условиях эксплуатации-Электроснабжение электрифицированных железных дорог )

[2] Danni ot Podelenie „Elektrorazpredelenie“ pri DP NKZhI
( [2] Данни от Поделение „Електроразпределение“ при ДП НКЖИ )




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