Scientific paper ID 1576 : 2018/4

Petya Koralova – Nozharova, Dimitar Todorov

The management of organizations is a key priority of every modern company which is functioning in a dynamic environment. The strategic management is a tool with the help of which the manager of the company could organize the process of decision making, because it s planning, control and organization of the production process. On the one hand, main threat for the company is the external environment, where the company functions. The external environment consists of the legislation, tax regulation and many other economic factors. From the other hand, the continuous changes of customers’needs, as well as the development of the information technologies make the competition among companies fiercer. In this regard, the survival of every company depends on the way they could identify the problems on regional, national and global level, how they compete with their main competitors and how they cope with the external environment threats. That is why the main objective of the current study is to be analyzed the problems that companies face, to be examined the main competition strategies, as well as to be identified the threats of the external environment in relationship with the strategic management concept.

международен стратегически мениджмънт конкуренция заплахи проблеми.international strategic management competition threats problems.Petya Koralova – Nozharova Dimitar Todorov


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