Scientific paper ID 1570 : 2018/4

Galina Blagoeva Ivanova

The present developed topic aims to present one stage of the metro construction in Sofia. The necessary construction and assembly activities, the procedures until the practical implementation and in turn the valuation of all these processes. The Sofia Metro is a unique transport facility that plays an important role not only in the transport aspect but in the whole economic, political, cultural and social life of the capital. In the years to come, we have seen the need to introduce a new type of urban transport to meet the growing needs of the rapidly growing city. The expansion of the capital, the increase of the inhabitants and the guests, and the establishment in an economic and political center, the implementation of the communications between the different units and structures to be implemented quickly. The construction of an underground railway is becoming more and more imperative.

It was not accidental that a decision was taken to take action for the elaboration of plans and the achievement of the Sofia Metro General Scheme. With the construction of each metro station, a tunnel section and the equipment in them, their commissioning, ”Metropolitan” EAD is close to the practical implementation of the conceptual concept set in the back. Countless are the benefits that can be gathered after the metro metro. Saved travel time, connection to the most distant points of the capital, speed and comfort of the trip, reduction of congestion, free zones for the construction of bicycles, gardens and cultural centers. But most of them are reducing exhaust emissions, achieving a cleaner environment in which our children live.

The construction of a metro section is part of the whole metro construction. An important part is the elaboration of a conceptual plan, its approval of the legal framework, the definition of the financial framework and the implementation of the financing itself.

метроучастък лот инвестиции оперативни програми Европейски съюз прогнозен размер разходи остойностяванеmetro lot investments operational programs European Union estimated amount costs valuationGalina Blagoeva Ivanova


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