Scientific paper ID 1564 : 2018/4

Cvetelina Cvetkova

Transport and transport infrastructure are one of the major factors influencing the urban development. They occupy a key place in each city`s transport system, providing citizens with mobility and the active connections needed to develop business, culture and tourism, shaping the spirit of cities and the quality of people’s life in them. The more adequate the transport system is to the problems of today`s urban environment, and the more the problems are posed and dealt with in view to the future, the greater the guarantees are for a successful and sustainable development of the urban transport system for the benefit of the society.

The development of a sustainable urban transport system ensures access to jobs, institutions and services for people. It helps for reduction of pollution, greenhouse effect and energy consumption, a safer and more secure urban environment and a higher quality of life.

The report will examine the structure of the public transport of the city of Sofia and the transport operators operating in it. The main problems faced by the public transport are the lack of financial resources and the increased traffic as a result of the high share of private cars used, hindering the rapid moving in the city. This leads to increased travel time by public transport and makes it unattractive to citizens in view of the dynamics of life in the capital.

транспортна система транспортни оператори обществен транспортtransportation system transportation operators public transportation.Cvetelina Cvetkova


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