Scientific paper ID 1560 : 2018/1

Stanislav Tsvetkov, Halim Ahmed

The purpose of this report is to compile an algorithm by programming for make to interactive diagrams (a bending moment-normal force relationship) in which the input process data are parametric.

With MS EXCEL are made procedures for analysis-verification of the non-center-pressed R.C. cores. Cores has shape of cross section- П and L.

In the report are shown as a cross sections of reinforced concrete wall constructions. There are definition for a core. There is a definition of an interaction diagram, as well as the way of constructing the curve (expressions for: deformations, tensions in concrete and reinforcement bars, effort). Are shown the conditional separation (transformation) of the П-core, respectively in I and T forms, is shown for the action of bending moments in the different directions. The analyzes the relevant cases and sub-cases and conditions for the value of the pressure zone.

The first, second and third examples are respectively: for the П-core (with shown geometric dimensions) with the corresponding transformations, L-contour (with shown geometric dimensions) analyzed as L-cross-section with T-section conditions, L-contour, analyzed by transformation in T-section, realized through theoretical postulates. The report draws conclusions and interaction diagrams are constructed: in the case of accepted longitudinal reinforcement (number and spacing between reinforcement bars, class of reinforcement steel), respectively for final reinforced zones and stalks, in case of varying concrete strength classes.

стоманобетонни ядра интеракционни диаграми MS ExcelR.C. cores Interactions Diagrams (M-N) MS ExcelStanislav Tsvetkov Halim Ahmed


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