Scientific paper ID 1548 : 2017/2

M. Manov, H. Hristov

High strength, low density and excellent corrosion resistance, which has titanium are the qualities that make it an attractive material finds application in various fields of industry and medicine. Relatively high cost of titanium, however, restricts its use. To justify the high cost of titanium compared to other materials is necessary to know very well its specific properties and characteristics that make it unique as a material. Therefore, titanium and titanium alloys are the subject of much discussion. This article gives an overview and analysis of the characteristics of titanium and its alloys methods of surface treatment and application of titanium alloys in various fields of industry and ship building.

титан титанови сплави методи за повърхностно уякчаванеtitanium titanium alloys methods for surface treatmentM. Manov H. Hristov


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