Scientific paper ID 1543 : 2017/2

Georgi Dimitrov

Abstract. Software-defined networking is an exciting technology that has long offered the professionals more innovative solutions on how to design and manage connectivity. Although this technology seems to have emerged suddenly, it still has a serious history, to endeavor and to achieve better programmability of computer networks. The article discusses the possibilities of function virtualization in a mobile network by applying software definition techniques. Considered are options to split management and data across different layers, as well as active use of OpenFlow protocol. Having in mind the key concepts of technology, the advantages and disadvantages are addressed by generally accepted views and inconsistencies that occur in software-defined networks and network virtualization.

This article discusses the deployment of network virtualization overlay features and software-defined network technologies. The role of virtualization in latest multi-channel networks has also been explaine

Ключови думи. Софтуерно дефинирани мрежи виртуализация на функциите мобилни комуникации OpenFlow интерфейс наслагване на функциите Key words. Software defined networking (SDN) virtualization of functions mobile communications OpenFlowGeorgi Dimitrov


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