Scientific paper ID 1507 : 2017/3

Teodoro Todorov, Ivan Milenov

In the report are presented the results of the research made on the operating characteristics of the photo-solar generator system installed on the roof of electromobile make “Renault”, model “Kangoo” which is in process of operation for more than 6 years. There have been made measurements of the basic parameters of the photo-solar system – generated power, energy, current, voltage, temperature etc. These parameters are monitored for the operation period of the solar system all year round. The obtained results are analyzed and assessment is made on the solar system operation at different climatic conditions – practically from -25˚C during the winter period to +40˚C during the summer period. The results are presented in table and graphical form as are made conclusions regarding applicability, reliability and effectiveness of the system.

електромобил фотосоларен панел нови технологииelectric car photo-solar panel new technologies.Teodoro Todorov Ivan Milenov


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