Scientific paper ID 1499 : 2017/3

Stoyna Kostova

the article presents the specifics of testing the models of tensile plates in sandy and clayey soils in laboratory conditions. Tensile plates are putted in soil horizontally and subjected to a vertical centric uplift. In this experiments are observed formation of an “elastic core” from the soil before the plates. The special test is made to survey the sizes and form of this core. After the review it was found that some scientists had worked to determine the shape and dimensions of the ”elastic core” in front of horizontal plates, but the tests are insufficient. The methodic of author’s test is new, and has not been and described so far, according to the review. From the tests have been determined the shape and size of the core in clayey and sandy soils. The results from the experiments are given.

There have been some conclusions and summaries of the tests.

опънни фундаменти анкерни плочи свързани и несвързани почви преуплътнено ядро еластично ядро лабораторни изпитвания.tensile foundations anchor plates cohesive and noncohesive soils elastic core laboratory tests.Stoyna Kostova


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