Scientific paper ID 1479 : 2017/3

Daniela Todorova, Miryana Evtimova

The aim of this work is the study of the influence of circular economy on environmental security. As an indicator of evaluation id used the ecological footprint, which is a comprehensive environmental index on planet Earth. It recognizes achievements in the field of environmental protection and is a comprehensive indicator introduced by the European Commission to complement at the GDP as a conventional measure of macroeconomic activity. The possibilities for building a sustainable environmental security by applying the principles of circular economy by closing the life cycle and reducing the environmental footprint is analyzed. Described are the arrangements of the Paris agreement on climate change by the end of 2016. Its purpose is to keep global warming temperature below 20C compared to the pre-industrial values. To the prevent of the irreversible climate change it will significant and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in all countries. A key factor for the realization of these ambitious goals is the circular economy. The article examines the ecological footprint of Europe for the period from 1961 to 2010. An analysis is summarized as changes in biocapacity and reserve /deficit of potential biological for the research period. Proposed is a method for assessing the environmental security in the circular economy by assessing the ecological footprint.

Finally, an analysis of options for reducing the environmental footprint and the increase of the environmental safety by applying the principles of the circular low carbon economy and the efficient use of the resources is made.

Кръгова икономика екологична сигурност екологичен отпечатък Парижко споразумение.Circular economy ecological security environmental footprint Europe Paris agreement.Daniela Todorova Miryana Evtimova



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