Scientific paper ID 1478 : 2017/3

Emiliya Dimitrova

The implementing of a Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) in the controlled objects provides more reliable and secure protection around a wide range of subobjects and is often used in the security systems in objects with special functions. The purpose of VSS is remote real time monitoring of the objects, as well as video images recording in the control center. In this paper, a methodology of design and implementing a VSS is proposed. The basic parameters and characteristics at cameras selecting and specific ments at video surveillance of objects with special functions are shown. The camera locations are made on the previously developed site plan of the object. The software IP Video System Desing Tool is used to determine the number of video cameras d and their location.

системи за видеонаблюдение методика за проектиранеVideo Surveillance Systems Methodology of DesignEmiliya Dimitrova


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