Scientific paper ID 1463 : 2017/3

Desislava Yosifova

VAT is one of the main sources of revenue throughout the European Union, providing more than a trillion euros a year. It is fact that the current VAT system is fragmented by individual Member States is complex for a functioning cross-border business and at the same time is easily vulnerable to financial fraud.

Since 2016, the EC has been in the process of intensive preparations to finalize a comprehensive reform of the VAT system. The new system has to deal with a large number of international tax frauds. The VAT gap, which is the difference between the expected and the real revenues collected across the EU, is estimated at a significant EUR 170 billion, as cross-border fraud being the cause, the annual loss of revenue in government budgets at EU level of EUR 50 billion.

единно ДДС пространство; Европейски съюз; трансгранична търговия/трансгранични сделки; данъчни измамиSingle VAT space; European Union; Cross-border trade / cross-border transactions; Tax fraudsDesislava Yosifova


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