Scientific paper ID 1462 : 2017/3

Vladislav Yordanov

Developed theme aims to make economic analysis of the activities related to electricity distribution in ”National Company Railway infra-structure” made infrastructural changes repairer improvements to the catenary and substations, recovered cables for medium and low voltage podmyanyata old lighting with new LED lights on the pillars and platforms, recovered heaters for heating and arrows set temperature sensors for automatic switching of bezav Riina work in winter usloviya.Razgledani and analyzed are the main activities related to:

• Installed new meters for electricity metering devices for remote reading of energy for daily control of energy use and curb ekspoatatsionnite reporting burden and installation of defekto- Circuit Protection.

• Podmyanyata signaling plates catenary and carrying ropes, compensating devices on the catenary, repaired polymeric insulators.

• Construction and restoration of the grounding network and replacement of grounding stakes.

• Clear vegetation around the pillars to ensure the gauge and replacing old poles.

An analysis of revenue, expenses and profit for the period 2012-2016.g. Shown graphically the relationship between them being analyzed growth gains in energy distribution of the SE - ”NRIC”.

Determined is the relationship between infrastructural investments made, repairer improvements, reducing the number of failures in elektrosaorazheniyata over the years and the time delay of trains.

НК ЖИелектроснабдяванеелектроразпределение и енергетичните и електротехнически съоръжения приходи разходиNRIC power supply power distribution and power and electrical equipment revenues expensesVladislav Yordanov


[1] Ministerstvo na finasite po PMS № 114/2010 g. za nablyudenie i kontrol varhu finansovoto sastoyanie na darzhavni predpriyatiya i targovski druzhestva.
( [1] Министерство на финасите по ПМС № 114/2010 г. за наблюдение и контрол върху финансовото състояние на държавни предприятия и търговски дружества. )

[2] Referenten dokument na zhp mrezha 2017-2018 godina, validen do 08.12.2018g.
( [2] Референтен документ на жп мрежа 2017-2018 година, валиден до 08.12.2018г.референтен-докумен... )

[3] Internet sayt na DP „Natsionalna Kompaniya Zhelezopatna Infrastruktura”
( [3] Интернет сайт на ДП „Национална Компания Железопътна Инфраструктура” )




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