Scientific paper ID 1458 : 2017/3

Galina Blagoeva Ivanova, Simeon Ananiev Ananiev

Abstract: This developed thesis aims to present the need for the emergence of the idea for the construction of an underground in the capital, as well as the approval of the general scheme and its implementation over time. The routes, their length, the number of adjacent stations and safety systems on the plots are described, too. In this way is presented the construction of the backbone of the underground railroad of our capital city. The accomplishment of such a huge by its scale transport, economic, investment and ecological project, eventually helped Sofia to «breathe» more easily. Along with resolving the pressing everyday problems of the town – traffic jams during rush hour, prolonged journeys from the periphery to the centre and back – the construction of the subway became a symbol of modernisation, innovation and large public benefits. The comparative analyses, below in this thesis, demonstrate precisely that argument. The expectations for alleviation of traffic, significant reduction of congestion, the increase in the speed of movement and respectively а decrease in the journey time are fully justified. At the same time there is an increase in free land areas which can be used much more rationally to build cycling lanes, pakrs, playgrounds or places intended for cultural activities. The streets and boulevards renovated after the completion of the construction work on the route, in turn, contribute to friendlier appearance of our capital. Undoubtedly, the greatest benefits from the construction of the subway are in the field of ECOLOGY. The thousands of tons of greenhouse gases saved a year remain a top priority in order for Sofia underground to be extended and the concept of the General scheme to be realized in practice.

участък проект оперативни програми Европейски съюз превози пътникопоток превозни средства Section project operational programmes the European Union transport passenger traffic vehiclesGalina Blagoeva Ivanova Simeon Ananiev Ananiev


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