Scientific paper ID 1437 : 2017/4

Yanitsa Ivanova,

Danube Bridge 2 links the towns Vidin in Bulgaria and Calafat in Romania. The length of the bridge is 1971 m and s two lanes in each direction, a single electrified railway line and a bicycle lane. It was completed in 2013. The width of the bridge is 32m. The main hole is 180m. The expected service life is 120 years.

A Pan-European Transport Corridor IV (Dresden / Nuremberg-Prague-Vienna / Bratislava-Budapest-Arad-Bukures-Constanta / Craiova-Sofia-Thessaloniki / Plovdiv-Istanbul) is passing across the Danube Bridge 2.

Along with the construction of the transport facility, significant improvements were made to the road infrastructure connecting the two border states.

A new freight train station and 7 km of new railway line have been built at the Bulgarian section, the existing passenger station has been reconstructed and four road junctions have been constructed on two levels.

The construction of the transport facility is of key importance for the development of the economy in the region and for the integration of the infrastructure of the Bulgarian territory with the trans-European transport network.

The developed report analyzes the prospect of the construction of the Danube Bridge 2 for development of the region and of the trans-European transport network.

Дунав-мост 2 Оперативна програма “Транспорт” Оперативна програма “Транспорт и транспортна инфраструктура” транспортни коридориDanube region strategy operational Program “Transport and Transport infrastructure” transport corridorsYanitsa Ivanova


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[2] Operativna programa „Transport“
( [2] Оперативна програма „Транспорт“ )

[3] Operativna programa „Transport i transportna infrastruktura“
( [3] Оперативна програма „Транспорт и транспортна инфраструктура“ )

[4] Dunavska strategiya
( [4] Дунавска стратегия )




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