Scientific paper ID 1425 : 2017/4

Aleksandrina Gecheva, Veronika Mireva

Reducing the oil dependency of transport systems without sacrificing their effectiveness and without jeopardizing their mobility is a challenge. In compliance with the initiatives set in the leading strategies: ”Europe 2020” and ”Developing a sustainable transport system by 2020”, the main goal of the European Transport Policy is to help in creating a system that supports European economic progress, improves competitiveness and offers high-quality services in the field of mobility, while using resources more effectively.

In practice, transport should consume less energy. use more eco-friendly energy sources, make better use of modern infrastructure and reduce the negative impact on the environment and key natural resources such as water, land and the various ecosystems.

This article analyzes the key indicators set to be implemented in the ”Europe 2020” and ”Developing a sustainable transport system by 2020” strategies, while also highlighting the results achieved by the Republic of Bulgaria.

транспорт ефективност околна среда климат/енергия модернизация.transport efficiency environment climate / energy modernizationAleksandrina Gecheva Veronika Mireva


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