Scientific paper ID 1422 : 2017/1

Mariya Hristova, Hristo Hristov, Nina Gergova

The main purpose of the current publication is to be proposed an approach for quality improvement of education and preparation of students in their career development. This approach is needed in order financial resources from the national budget to be saved. Thanks to the implementation of the approach, the migration of young and educated people to other member-states for whom the economic factor is the most important could be restricted.

On the other hand the export of national financial resources to other member-states through the free movement of people could be stopped. In this way, the state funding spent for student”s education who after their graduation work abroad, could be returned to the national budget.

In order, the aforementioned goal to be achieved, it is necessary to be implemented an university system for evaluation of the education and preparation of students in their career development.

In the publication are also studied the possibilities for increased assessment adequacy, as well as the application of an algorithm for negotiation between the students and the government.

висше образование бюджетна субсидия адекватна оценка външно оценяване агрегирана оценка средно претеглена стойностhigher education state funding adequate assessment external evaluation aggregated evaluation weighted average.Mariya Hristova Hristo Hristov Nina Gergova



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( [2] Христов, Х. А. Т. Радев. Един модел на финансиране, релевантен на качеството на висшето образование. Втора национална научна международна конференция с международно участие „Качеството на висшето образование – проблеми и перспективи 2009”. Русенски университет, 2009 г. )

[3] Hristova M., Hristov H., University Management stimulating higher Education Quality, Journal MEST (Management, Education, Science & Society, Technology), VOL 4, № 2, DOI 10.12709/mest., 103-112,, 2016




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